Links in email do not work in 3.3

After updating to 3.3. links in my emails do not work anymore. I have tracking links like
When I click on such a link phpList server says: The requested document was not found on this server

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I have the same problem

Please help

@Benusa There are some problems with the new release.

You should be able to revert the phplist code to release 3.2.7 and links in new campaigns should then work. The links created by release 3.3.0 were corrupted and will not work.

There will be a message about the database being out of date but you can ignore that.

New “links” generated in email with 3.3 doesn’t work after the revert :frowning:

Same problem here! Please help!

I’ve disabled linktracking in the config for now.


Please correct this bug asap :slight_smile:

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Those links were corrupted so will not work ever, even once the problems have been fixed and a new version of phplist released.

The reason for suggesting to revert the phplist code is to be able to continue with new campaigns.

I have exactly the same problem

Crap crap crap !!! :smiley:

Maybe it’ll be safer to remove the download link to phpList 3.3.0 ? It’s quite dangerous.

@julienl The link has been removed.

If you want to continue with release 3.3.0 then you need to disable click tracking. Otherwise reverting to an earlier release should allow links in new campaigns to work with click tracking enabled.

I’ve allready reverted to 3.2, only one email (to 30k users…) was sent with 1 link. So for now, I’ve put a temporary redirect for all “tid=” to the link in the .htaccess… :

RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING}  ^tid=(.*)$
RewriteRule (.*)  the_link [R=302,L]

It’s ugly, but it works ! And when I’ll upgrade again to a working 3.3, the email will be “old”.

@julienl A release candidate of phpList 3.3.1 is available which should resolve this issue: phpList 3.3.1 Release Candidate ready for testing

@julienl Please can you confirm that 3.3.1-RC1 resolves the issue?

Sorry, but I can’t test before next week.

My first step is:

Then i test 3.3.1 --> it works,
A few other things make problems.
Copy plugins to campaign etc.

With 3.3.1-RC1, do links work when you enable click tracking also?

yes, clicktracking works

@Benusa Excellent, thanks for testing!

phpList 3.3.1 is now available, including fixes for phpList 3.3.0.

I’ve not tried again since today, now it works well, thanks !