You don't have permission to access


I installed CKEditor with kcfinder plugin. When I need to upload or browse the server through ckeditor I got this error :

“You don’t have permission to access /admin/plugins/CKEditorPlugin/kcfinder/browse.php on this server.”

I had try find solutions over the internet but still cant go through. What I suspect from my research it is related due to different session handled between ckeditor and kcfinder. But I did’nt made any adjustment on the plugin setting which mean it is only use default installation setting. From previous likely same topic You don’t have permissions to browse server . I still can’t solve my problem.


@superabu phplist now includes the plugin so you should not have needed to install it, unless you are using a very old version of phplist.

Ideally you should upgrade phplist to the current release, 3.3.1.

ohh I see, thanks…because I installed from package provided by our hosting. The version stated is 3.0.6.

I think I need to upgrade first.

my problem solved now. Just upgrade to new version. Thank you very much