Upgraded to phpList 3.3.6 and got sutck in Maintenance Mode

Hello guys,

I just followed the instructions to update phplist to 3.3.6 and got stuck with this message:

phpList is in maintenance mode.

Please try again in half an hour.

Found this old threat about it but is not working for me since I don’t have “maintenancemode” in my DB. Tried creating a new line for this, but the problem persists.

Previous version was working fine. Do you have any idea?

Thanks for the help

Never mind, I found the maintenancemode line, I was looking for in my backup database.

For the records leave the maintenancemode in blank solves the issue.

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This happened to me after choosing the auto upgrade option. Normally I upgrade manually flawlessly, but I decided to use the new feature, and it seemed to hang. Now I get the “Stuck in Maintenance Mode” message and can’t seem to do anything.

Where did you find the maintenancemode line? I looked through the tables and could not find this field.

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I have found that maintenancemode is not a field to be edited, but a line to be deleted in the config table.

@sasciame Welcome yo the forum - happy to hear you fixed it. Thanks for letting us know!