Upgrade from 3.0.6 to 3.2.4, problems after installation


I just read alexisjaja’s post (“Login loop on new clean install of 3.2.4”) and I have the exact same issue, maybe even extended…

After the installation of the latest version (3.2.4) I can login but a modal dialogue is immediately thrown over the “upgrade database” screen, and directly following this I’m directed back to the login page. The same installation (v3.4.2) on a clean database lets me enter and configure PHPList from scratch but also following that, once I’ve successfully logged in and select any one option from any one of the menus, I’m immediately thrown back to the login menu.

duncanc’s suggestion to add:


Did not yield any values for either “session_age” or for “admin_logged_in”, so this tip has not helped me any further.

Strange, I can’t seem to understand what is happening and why this upgrade is causing me so much grief!
Anyone out there have any clues and interested in providing some support?

Cheers JP