Login loop on new clean install of 3.2.4

i’m trying all of the solutions i founded on the forum but… sorry it does not work.
The php is 5.5 i installed 3.2.4
The scrip sends me back to login page with

“Your session timed out, please login again”

desepereting !

as i can see it’s a recurent problem
$SessionTableName = “phplistsessions”; done
define(“CHECK_SESSIONIP”,0) done also

Do not know what to do…
does someone has an idea on what can it be?
THanks for helping :smile:

@alexisjaja To try to see what is causing the problem try adding a debug line to the file admin/index.php. Just before line 328 add this line


so that it is then

if (!empty($_SESSION['adminloggedin']) && empty($_SESSION['session_age']) && $_SESSION['session_age'] > SESSION_TIMEOUT) {

When you go to the login page there should be some lines displayed. Look for one giving the value of session_age, and another for admin_logged_in.

Hi duncanc,
thanks for helping… as it was a fresh install (no subscribers to loose!) i tried once more the install from scratch… and now it works. Dont ask me how ? but my habitude in those cases is “if it works dont fix”. so i will stay in 3.0.5
But in fact it looks like this realy problematic thing appens a lot to a lot of people.
Is it safe to put my home in the phplist script?
Thanks for help anyway, and good luck to those who are still lost !
(i had passed about 20 hours breaking my poor head)