Updater issue "files not exected or required"

Dear phpList community,

When I am trying to update phpList from 3.4.1 to the latest version, and here is the error message I am getting:
“Updater is loading.
Error: The following files are not expected or required. To continue please move or delete them.
At the beginning it was telling index2.html and index.html, so I removed index2.html… but there is no index.html… so I cannot remove it.

Any ideas how to fix this?

Thank you

This has been asked multiple times recently, please use the forum Search option to look before posting where possible. Thank you.


Thank you, general search engines are not yet properly indexing this post Updater problem with non existent file which has the answer to the question.
So I fixed it by creating a dummy index.html file within the lists folder.
Problem solved, thank you for your quick answer.