Testing Email for Admin

It’s great that you can fire out a test email when building a campaign. Now, how about a button to test the Admin eMail to make sure it is working. (Mine isn’t but this would have been a great tool to use) I’m still confused by how the Campaigns are all working fine but the alerts aren’t. PS: I will notify everyone when this is working again. Appreciate the help and ideas that are coming my way.

See ADMINISTRATIVE MESSAGES WON’T SEND for a detailed test tool for using when the admin messages don’t send.

Thanks to DUNCANC for not giving up on me!!

Keep up the great work,

Hey @Dougster, if you just paste a link to the post

it adds the link in the sidebar :smile:

You can make a feature request, the method is here https://www.phplist.org/development/#bugreport