Switching the phpList translation system from Pootle to Weblate

Hi everyone,

For many years now phpList is using the Pootle software for translations and so far the community has done an excellent job of adapting phpList into their language, with 17 languages close to fully supported. Unfortunately maintenance for Pootle has been dropped by the Pootle developers, and this will cause trouble in the future without moving to a new platform.

Therefore we are considering to switch to Weblate which is designed as a replacement for Pootle. So far Weblate is being used by many open source projects.

An installation of Weblate for phpList translation has been set up and can be found here: https://weblate.phplist.com/. If you already had an account for Pootle you are lucky because you can use the same credentials for Weblate.

Take a look and let us know how Weblate feels or if you’ve used it in the past. It has very similar features to Pootle and should feel familiar.

Because it takes considerable effort to import user accounts and permissions from Pootle to Weblate, I would like to avoid a long period of both services running together. Therefore we are aiming to switch translate.phplist.org over to Weblate on Thursday or Friday of this week, depending on your feedback.


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Hello again,

I hope you had the chance to take a look at Weblate! Now we you can access it at https://translate.phplist.org/! :grinning:

As I have mentioned above there is no need to create a new account as all users have been imported successfully, which means you can use the same credentials to login! If you cannot remember your password, you can reset it from Weblate’s login interface just by providing the email address you used to create your account.


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I begin to contribute to translate in French, but I see many suggestion which aren’t validated.
I also see that I cannot save a translation, I only can make a suggestion.

Today, when I configure a Subscribe page, I only have texts in english.
On public Subscribe page, 1 sentence is in english (and I find it in french.inc -> $strPersonalLocationSent).

So, how does it work and how be more efficient ?
Thank you in advance for your answer and I hope you understand “my english”.
Best regards,

Hello @AlainR,

Every registered user on https://translate.phplist.org/ can make suggestions for their language for the phpList interface. As you probably noticed you can only suggest a translation but not save it. This happens because we want to prevent spammers from adding invalid translations.

If you want to translate phpList in french, let me know and I can grant you special user privileges to do so.

And, there is no reason to worry about your english. It’s great. :slight_smile:


Thank you Mariana for reassuring me! :grin:
Spammers? on translate websites? really? OK, I understand. I didn’t see that on crowdin or Transifex.

Yes, if I can grant me special user privileges, I can help for translating in french.
Thank you very much.
Best regards,

Hi marianna.
Is it still possible to grant me special user privileges?
Some translations are still missing, because it is only a suggestion.

Hi Alain

You can start translating phpList in french here: https://translate.phplist.org/projects/phplist/phplist-languages/fr/

You can also check Canadian french here: https://translate.phplist.org/projects/phplist/phplist-languages/fr_CA/

??? I did it!!
But some translations aren’t on production because they are always in “suggestion mode”. What can we do to go forward, please ?

It’s okay. All these changes will be pushed on the translations repo on github later on.