Subscriber lists not showing


I have created lists some lists to import email but after I created it doesn’t show in Subscriber Lists page, what’s the problem? any help?

Another one, how to send email by 20 email addresses of 560 email address per list?



Hey, how did you create the lists? Did you check the manual?

do you mean “batch processing?”

I moved 2 posts to a new topic: How can I send 20 email in 30 minutes?

Ok, sounds very odd… have you checked in the other categories etc? Also try creating one with no category.

can you read the manual and make another topic for this if you are unsure, it’s too hard to do both in one thread. - try the sending sections maybe

it seems like I can create 50 lists in a category when I tried to create more list in that category it doesn’t show.

I think it is supposed to break it down into groups when you have more than 50, so 10, next 10, next 10 etc.

Do you have some kind of JS blocker or add blocker which could be interfering? Could it just be a very slow page load?