How to reply as a linked topic or move to a new topic

Continuing the discussion from Subscriber lists not showing:

Hey @Dragonrider - this would be an ideal time for you to learn how to move a thread that is diverging. In this thread we have the heading of Subscriber lists not showing, but now we are talking about batch processing. I suggest the following:

Look on the far right of the topic screen and you can see a little spanner. Click it, and choose the option to “select posts” - then choose the post(s) you want to move and click “move to a new topic” - then fill in the details as normal.

Let me know how you get on :smile:

Looks goodl If you hover near the reply button of the top post, you can click the pencil icon and then edit the post to remove the first bit about something else :smile:

Good to see you back here David :smile: