[SOLVED] Test Email Not Received But Campaign Successfully Sent

This occurs when I try to send test emails to a subscriber email(s). They show “Success” but are never received. Yet when I use my admin email (what goes in the campaign’s From: field) it’s received. This was not an issue before v3.3.3.

I saw the earlier topic with the suggestion to reboot host that phplist is installed on, but as I have a shared not a dedicated hosting account that isn’t possible.

I’ve never used anything other than the default setting for sending campaigns, to wit:

// To use a SMTP server please give your server hostname here, leave it blank to use the standard
// PHP mail() command.
define('PHPMAILERHOST', '');

Any insights welcome.

UPDATE: I also tried adding this line to config.php but with that change phplist didn’t send out the test email or the campaign so I backed it out.

I have same issue here. Did you find a solution yet?

No, Benc, I’ve tried solutions to similar problems already posted but not yet. I’ll update topic if I do.

Thanks PresterJohn. My phplist not only can’t received tesing email, also can’t received campaign email for some email services, such as outlook and apple email. But works for Gmail. It’s so strange. :confused:

Whatever caused this issue, the ability to send test emails to any email I choose has been restored with v3.3.4. After upgrading I can send test emails again before putting a new campaign in the queue. This is SOLVED. Thanks.

@PresterJohn That’s strange. As far as I can recall there were no changes to the test mail functionality in either release. Presumably you checked the spam folders on the recipient mailboxes? Email deliverability is more fickle than the test mail logic in phpList, and is therefore a more likely culprit.

Thanks Sam. Not blaming phplist but the functionality went away with v3.3.3 and returned with 3.3.4. Compared backups of my config.php files looking for differences that might explain the issue but found none. As I wrote the function wasn’t completely disabled, it would only deliver tests to info@mywebsite.com that sends every campaign, but the same email addresses I had used in the past never saw the tests, not in spam or inbox. Anyway, it was a minor glitch and phplist still rocks!

@PresterJohn Strange; still I think the most likely issue is mail server deliverability. Best check your mail logs if you have access to those, to ensure the messages were being delivered and that no bounces were recorded. Again, I can’t think of anything in phpList that changed that would likely have caused it. Maybe others have more ideas.

Hi I had a similar problem. When I sent a test email or a campaign I had information that it was successful but no email arrived. It turned out that in the header of the email there is a phrase :
“/lists/?p=unsubscribe” which was blocked by the filters of the hosting on which I have a server. To see the header, I set the variable: define(‘PHPMAILER_SMTP_DEBUG’, 4); in config.php.

To fix this problem you can:

  1. ask the hosting server to change the filters
  2. in the phplist admin panel remove this entry or replace it with another one without the word “unsubscribe”