Not getting test emails but phpList says "Success" (or campaign emails)

I can not send an email through phpList 3.2.1, php 5.6, and my host is Bluehost.

config.php settings:


define (“TEST”,0);

I have tried adding host info too into, define(“PHPMAILERHOST”,‘’);, but it does not work either eventhough I get the “Success” message after sending the test. I have tried to send to various email addresses all say “Success” but the email never come through.

When I use $mail->SMTPDebug = 2; in admin/sendemaillib.php, I do not get any debug messages.

I have been using phpList for years without any major issues and no recent changes were made to any files before this problem arose. It seemed to have started in the middle of sending a campaign out a few days ago. Some people got the emails (very few) but then it seems the deliveries failed (no error messages showed up and the campaign appeared to finish normally). I know this because my stats were way off, ie viewed emails and clicked emails, after running the campaign. Also, I only have about 5k addresses but after the queue finished it reported sending out over 10k. Today, when I went to re-send the campaign the tests stopped coming through, the other day they were working, at least until I processed the queue. This leads me to believe all messages will not work now.

I also thought maybe my isp was blocking me, I have a vpn which bypasses the isp and I’m still having the same issue, so it’s not my isp.

Any ideas? Is my host’s spam filter blocking me (eventhough they tell me they are not)? They state they do not even see the send on their end, it’s not hitting their mail servers.

You might try rebooting the host that your phpList is installed on. It sounds like something is ‘stuck’ in that server.