[SOLVED] PHPList sending very slowly after upgrade

I have been fighting this issue since we upgraded last November. We went from version 2.10.17 to 3.2.3. It was done as a fresh install (new directory tree) but on the same machine as the old version (Amazon instance running Debian 5.0.9. 2x Xeon 2Ghz CPUs, 2G of RAM)

I did diffs on all configuration files and transferred any non-default settings (there weren’t really any) from the old installation.

Since the upgrade, send times of our list of approximately 48,000 newsletters has gone from about 7 hrs to 13 hrs. I keep looking at the phplist settings since everything else is identical to the previous installation.

I found this thread:

I tried making the changes suggested in the thread but send times have not changed.

Any pointers for troubleshooting this issue would be appreciated.


This is too complex for me, it’s a lot of work to get through on a forum too I sepect.

My advise is to either look info paid support https://www.phplist.org/paid-support/ or take a look at phpList.com (mail me on anna @ phplist.com if you want info) where upgrades are managed for you. Generally speaking, as you have been on phpList 2 for such a long time after it was depricated, I would say you need a fully managed service like phpList.com, or at least pay someone to upgrade it for you a few times a year :slight_smile:

Hope that helps


In a related thread to this I discovered that config_extended.php is not read by the system. I had made the changes suggested in the link I provided in the config_extended file. When I moved those changes to config.php, sending flew!

Thanks to everyone who provided input on this.

(It’s not letting me edit my original post to mark it SOLVED, but this is SOLVED)

glad to hear that you got it going again