Disable URL rewrites [SOLVED]

I have been fighting with a significant PHPList slowdown since upgrading from 2.10.17 to 3.2.3. My initial question is here:

In trying to troubleshoot the issue, we theorized that the system rewriting URLs in the outgoing emails might be the issue. The system seems to add a hash to each url that is unique to per recipient and per send. We don’t really need this level of tracking, especially at the cost of CPU process time, so we tried to disable it.

II have tried both disabling CLICKTRACKING as well as ALWAYS_ADD_USERTRACK but the rewrites continue. Is there any way to set the system to just send all URLs as they were originally entered?

@riomargroup You are referring to click tracking, so disabling that in the config.php file should work. if phplist is still generating modified urls then you cannot have made the correct change.


But I would be surprised if that had a massive effect on the sending time.

Yes, define(‘CLICKTRACK’,0); is set in config_extended.php, but the rewriting continues.

@riomargroup You need to modify the config.php file.

Please read Config.php Vs config_extended.php files for an explanation of the different files and which should be used. Hopefully this will explain things. :wink:

Thanks all. I wasn’t aware of the config_extended usage. I was able to resolve this by adding the clicktrack directive to config.php. Feeling like a newb.

I will update the other ticket if this affects send time at all. It doesn’t seem likely, ut we’re low on explanations.