Size of header image changed

Since a few days the header image in my newsletter has a bigger width than the body with the news. I changed nothing at all in the template of phplist or the website. When I watch the newsletter in the browser it looks normal. Also the older newsletters have this problem now. It happens in Outlook and in webmail. I can’t find a solution in the forum and I am not skilled enough to solve the problem myself. I hope you can help me. I can forward an example of the newsletter if I have your e-mail address.

Please, help us to help you, cheers.

[quote]The information below will be super useful to those trying to help you:

The version of phpList you are using.
Your server version of PHP
The url to your installation where possible. (eg:
Which browser (and version) you are using to view your site.
Is your installation self-hosted or on (In which case, your best option is to submit a support ticket).
What exactly is the issue (screen snapshot can be helpful).
What you have done to try to fix the issue so far, including links to any documentation you have followed.

Be secure: please do not give passwords, ftp access details or email addresses out in the forums.[/quote]

Dear Dragonrider,

Thanks for your response. I use phpList version 3.2.4 and I think the server version is the same. The url is I view my site with IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari, but nothing seems wrong with it. The installation of phpList is self-hosted.
I am afraid that it is not possible to attach a screenshot to this message. Also I could not find a solution in the manual, on the forum or on Google. I have not tried to change the template to avoid worse problems.

Kind regards, Vincent

As you say this occurs when viewing via Outlook/Hotmail? This topic may be related?