Resend campaign after editing email

i send a campaign to a list, and then find out one of the email addresses was wrong. i then go in to edit the address, but want tor resend the campaign email to that address. Will just resending it work, or is that subscriber already marked as having recieved the campaign? Is there a way of seeing which subscribers (not which list) have received a campaign?

You can check if a particular subscriber received a campaign by looking in their profile (search for them and look around) I guess with the first part of their question, will they get if if you resend, I suspect no, but why not try and see what happens and report back? Check if they had it as received, send again and then check again. Let me know what you find out!

Even though you have changed the email address for that subscriber, phplist will still think that it has sent the campaign to that person and will not send it again.
The simplest way around this is to delete that subscriber and add it again with the correct email address. You can then requeue the campaign and it will be sent to the new subscriber.

To see who was sent a campaign you can use the Campaign Statistics plugin. That shows who has opened and not opened a campaign.

Also, if you don’t want to lose the original subscriber data, clicks/opens etc, you could simply add “duplicate” before their email and then create your new replacement subscriber. Deleting good data like that is always a shame.

Thank you - looks like Bramley’s new campaign plugin will allow resending to specific subscribers - should solve this issue.

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I apologize if this is the wrong forum to ask about bramley’s rss feed plugin, but I am unable to post any question to the URL contained in the readme for his rss feed plugin which provides this link for support.

I also see that the user Duncan uses the same photo as Bramley, just adding more confusion to the mix.

Any help much appreciated.

Thank you!