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This is now the correct forum, the link in the plugin page refers to the old forums and is now out of date. You could also add an issue on GitHub but this forum is going to have a wider audience.

But you should start a new topic, not tag onto an unrelated one, so I have split this into a new topic.

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Hey @pancakehollow, it’s Anna (from the email just now). We launched this site with a lot of publicity etc a few months ago. It concerns me that you missed it. Can you sign up here: please? That way you will get updates :smile:


Okay, ignore this post, no way to delete, apparently.

Okay, ignore this reply. No way to delete.

I’m assuming this thread now applies to the rss feed plugin.

I’m using Rss Feed Manager 2015-05-10 on phplist 3.0.12 in Centos. Under “campaigns” | “view rss items” receiving multiple database errors, such as:

Database error 1267 while doing query Illegal mix of collations (utf8_general_ci,IMPLICIT) and (utf8_unicode_ci,IMPLICIT) for operation ‘=’

A problem with the query: SELECT COUNT(*) AS t
FROM phplist_RssFeedPlugin_item it
JOIN phplist_RssFeedPlugin_feed fe ON it.feedid =
WHERE fe.url IN (
FROM phplist_messagedata md
JOIN phplist_message m ON =
WHERE = ‘rss_feed’ AND != ‘’

#0 /home/XXXXX/public_html/lists/admin/plugins/CommonPlugin/DB.php(77): CommonPlugin_DB->_query(‘SELECT COUNT()…’)
#1 /home/XXXXX/public_html/lists/admin/plugins/CommonPlugin/DB.php(86): CommonPlugin_DB->queryRow('SELECT COUNT(
#2 /home/XXXXX/public_html/lists/admin/plugins/RssFeedPlugin/DAO.php(193):

It looks as if the plugins own tables have been created with a collation that is different to that used by the phplist core tables. In particular the “data” column of the phplist_messagedata table has a different collation to the “url” column of the phplist_RssFeedPlugin_feed table.

i don’t know why that would have happened. To try to fix this you will need to use phpmyadmin or a similar tool to look at the collations and change any that are not right.
This is what I see in phpmyadmin for the feed table:

and for the messagedata table

These have the same collation, but I guess yours are different.

Hi @duncanc,
I would like to add an RSS feed in a template message, but I found nothing to do this.
I studied on your last plugin and on rssmanager plug in but they always check the user rss propriety to admit the message to be send. I don’t need that, because I’d use the [RSS] feed in newsletters template.
Do you know if is there something to do that work out of these plugin?
Or, is it possible to make some little change to one of these plugin to do the proper work?

thank you

@giovannigasparerighi My expectation is that the rss feed would be the content of the message but you can try removing the validation test in file RssFeedPlugin.php lines 394-396

    if (stripos($messageData['message'], '[RSS]') === false) {
        return 'Must have [RSS] placeholder in an RSS message';

Either delete or comment-out each line with leading //

I forked your project, it works fine!
I have to take care to select a correct repetition time to catch the rss feed but now is fine!

thank you!

@giovannigasparerighi I have updated the plugin to allow the {RSS] placeholder to be included in the template instead of the message content. You can upgrade the plugin on the Manage Plugins page.

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Thank you for your great plugin!
Can I add some consideration for next upgrade?

  • il [RSS] placeholder is found and no repetition campaign is set, by default it should take the last feed items
  • add the feed url if the [RSS] placeholder is in the template

again, thank you for your great job!