Processing queued campaigns - just hangs in browser


Using 3.2.0

We are trying to send out a small campaign - about 1200 - on a dedicated server. Message was sent yesterday and it’s still being processed… I went in and processed it again and am still waiting. Can’t use a command line script - the client wants to send out the messages so that’s no good and am currently looking into a cron job, but they will really want to send from the browser I’m sure. Any ideas why everything is taking so long?

I have edited the config.php file but really am not sure of the settings in relation to batch processing … as far as I am aware it’s switched off !

Would upgrading to the latest version make any difference?

Addition to my comment … We have sent out another campaign - 1200 emails. It took all day to send. Any help in making the process faster would be much appreciated !

Many thanks!


Firstly, I suggest that you update to the latest version of phpList.
I did put together a spreadsheet that will help you with the throttle settings:

Once you update, and set the throttling per your desired settings, let us know how it’s working.


Many thanks for getting back to me Dan - will try shortly



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