Problem logging into admin after modifying config file

hello, i am using phplist, version 3.0.5, installed on my own server. ( for the record a very old version of Phplist but i upgraded recently and everythign seemed ok , i have never had a problem logging in

I was having issues about the wrong pageroot, ( i use /mail2/ rather than the standard /lists/) I knew that the correct page root was in the config extended file, but I found a post here that explained that you only use config.php , not config_extended.php (where the correct pageroot was noted). so i did as suggested and renamed the 2 files, thinking that would fix my issue

i logged out of everything, ( actually i did a restart on my pc) and went to connect the the phplist admin interface,

but got a wrong password error;

I thought perhaps this was linked to my swapping the config file names, so i swapped them back around again, but still cannot log in;

Also when i add my email address to the Forgot password enter email address box i get this message

Failed sending a change password token

Any ideas on how to fix?

I tried on Firefox and on Chrome
Using Windows 10

Ok i saw another thread here that suggested i motify the hashed password directly in phpmyadmin in the `phplist_admin’ . i did and it seems to have worked. thanks

@conor71 A release candidate of phpList 3.3.1 is available which should resolve this issue: phpList 3.3.1 Release Candidate ready for testing