Private lists and unsubscribe


I’m new to phpList - I have my installation all up and running, but am having problems configuring the lists for our needs.

Essentially, we need to have 3 private lists. The subscribers are imported from another application, and we don’t want to allow anyone to subscribe themselves (hence the reason for private lists). We have set this up with no problem, but we need the subscribers to be able to unsubscribe from any of the 3 lists individually. Unfortunately, because the lists are private, when the subscriber goes to their preferences page, there is no option to unsubscribe from individual lists - they seem only to be able to unsubscribe from all lists at once. Is there a way to configure phpList to allow this? Any help would be gratefully received.



@microrich There is a config file option to show private lists on the preferences page, see

This is an old thread, but will a user only see private lists they are subscribed to, or ALL private lists in the system?

@cpslko The subscriber would see only any private lists to which they belonged. But there is an outstanding problem reported here Showing private lists seems to be broken