Modify date format

I searched the topics but haven’t found anything helpful. I would like to be able to change the date format from d M Y and similar formats to something more familiar to those of us in the US, M d Y. I have search for the string d M Y and modified the string to M d Y but that didn’t do the trick. Any suggestions would be helpful


This should be able to do what your are looking for:

I’m sorry but the dateplaceholder plugin is not what I am looking for. I want to modify the date format for statistics in the admin section, for example the dates messages are sent, viewed, etc.

@mslamkin There is a function formatDate() in file admin/connect.php that you can try changing. But I don’t know how widely that is used, so there may be some dates that are formatted differently.

@mslamkin The next release of phplist 3.5.3 will allow you to specify a date format. See 3.5.3 Release Candidate Ready for testing

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