Impossible to get invisible reCaptcha v3 to work

3.4.5 on cpanel
see attached screenshots show url fopen installed.

curl installed but apparently not being recognized by phplist all I see is the wheel spinning when in configure plugins | reCaptcha and the only option offered is “http wrapper”.

The site and private keys are correct and work on the main in another application (joomla) but in phplist keeps branding the reCaptcha page with the message “ERROR for site owner: Invalid site key”

I’ve even gone as far as to create a key pairs but that doesn’t solve the problem.

Any help troubleshooting much appreciated - tell me what you need to know to help solve this.


@pancakehollow This was raised a few weeks ago, see Invisible reCAPTCHA with plugin

I had a quick look at what is involved in supporting invisible captcha, but it is not entirely trivial. It is on my list of things to do.