Images not showing on webpage campaign in hotmail


I’m using PHPList 3.0.12. I’ve created a campaign sending this webpage:

It’s not the final version, still working on it. I’ve tested it sending it to gmail, Icewarp and hotmail. Look more or less ok (with some tweaks needed), in gmail and icewarp, but in hotmail. No images show, and there is not the “show images” popup to show them.

I looked aroung the forums and found the solution about adding this line to the config.php file:


But this didn’t work for me.

Do you guys see where the problem might be.

Thanks a lot

Edit 1: I’ve tried sending the page myself with a phpmailer, and I can see it alright, but not trough PHPList
Edit 2: Updated to 3.2.1 but problem persists

Just a gut feeling (I am not expert) but maybe just try something simple with 1 image and see if that works. This email looks complex and maybe quite large.