How to use [TODAY:W]/[TODAY:Y] in subject of weekly newsletters?

I use phplist3 to send an external web page to my list weekly. In the mail subject every week should be the calendar week and the year, for which basically [TODAY:W]/[TODAY:Y] works.

I already know these links:

However, it seems to me that the mail subject always contains the same string as when it was first sent. [TODAY:W]/[TODAY:Y] correctly becomes 40/2022 the first time, but after the first time it stays that way every time it is sent, so it doesn’t update.

Can someone point me in the right direction?

@Mr.M If you are using the date placeholder plugin then there is a configuration setting to fix the date when the campaign has been sent. You probably want that setting to be No, so that the placeholder remains in the subject field.

Do you mean this:

@Mr.M Yes. Currently the campaign is saved after replacing the placeholder so when phplist creates the next repeat of the campaign the placeholder no longer exists.

Thanks a lot, @duncanc! I think it worked. Is there a place to read about this workflow? Somehow it didn’t hit me… Perhaps I can add this info if it’s not documented documented already.

@Mr.M There is the documentation at plugin:dateplaceholder [phpList Resources] but that doesn’t explain this setting very clearly.

Could you provide me a link to the repo? I d’like to add this info for further reference.