Sending same campaign to the same list next month

I have created number of lists and number of campaign.
Every campaign is for appropriate list.
I have requirement to send that campaigns every month (repeating every month in the same day) to the same list, to every subscriber in the list
First month campaigns are sent to the subscribers in the lists but second month campaign doesn’t sent to the subscribers from the lists which are received that campaign month before.
How to setup phpList to send campaign every month to the same lists?
Please, i need help urgently.

These two sentences seem to be contradictory. But you want to use either requeue processing or repeat processing, depending on exactly what you want to do. See the Schedule tab when composing a campaign.

Maybe i did not clearly explained.
I’m sorry about that
My English is not the so good as should to be.

My second sentence is statement about what really happened when the sending time for campaign on second month came. Campaign was sent for the second time but it not delivered to the emails in the list.
Campaign was manually rescheduled.
I know for options repeat until end requeue until but it seems that both options affect only new subscribers in the lists not whole lists.
If any have suggestions i am here to hear.
Thanks in advance.

phplist will not send a campaign to the same people again so you need to create a new campaign instead.

The “repeat” (not “requeue”) function will do that automatically but you first need to enable that in your config file

# Repetition. This adds the option to repeat the same message in the future.
# After the message has been sent, this option will cause the system to automatically
# create a new message with the same content. Be careful with it, because you may
# send the same message to your users
# the embargo of the message will be increased with the repetition interval you choose
# also read the README.repetition for more info


Thank you Duncan,
That is exactly what i need.
I was tray that but it not worked for me.
Probably i do something wrong.
How embargo and other schedule parameters i must set to this feature work correctly?

Set the embargo to the date/time when you want the first message to be sent.
Set the “repeat campaign every” to the frequency. To test the approach you can use hourly but for your real campaign you want it monthly.
Set “repeat until” to be far into the future.

when the first campaign has been sent by phplist it will create a new campaign whose embargo is that for the first campaign with the repeat period added (one hour, one day etc). The new campaign will have the same content and be sent to the same lists, and will appear on the Active tab.

Thank you Duncan.
I try what you suggested and that is what i need.
But i have one little problem whit repeating period. There is not one month period. Instead there is four weeks period. That will move date from month to month. For example if first campaign start 29/12/2015 second will be scheduled four weeks in future, 23/02/2016; third will be scheduled to 22/03/2016; fourth 19/04/2015 and so on …
It is not what i exactly need.
I need to send campaign 29/12 - 29/01 -28/02 - 29/03/ … whit day or two deviation

Repeating monthly doesn’t appear to be possible. You could raise a feature request on the bug tracking system,

Hi! Is is it possible to use phplist to send a mail as a year course? 1th januray 1th lesson and so on daily? What should I do? Please help me, I use the german version of phplist and I am also confused with names (possible to change my phplist to english? As I would do more understand?) Thanks in advice!

Hi Duncan,

Could this be achieved by scheduling a single campaign that you “requeue” daily, and then reset the date sent fields for all the subscribers for the sent campaign using a scheduled SQL script that runs every month?

This would issue one big mail shot every month, and also issue to any new subscribers that get added to the list.