How to personalise(use subscriber email) subject line

I want to personalise the subject line while sending campaigns .I want to use Dear subscriber email id as subject line.How is it possible.Please find screen shot attached below.I need to send campaigns through phplist as shown in screenshot


It looks like that you want to use placeholders. You might want to check how you can do that on this page of the manual:


I want to use personalisation in campaign subject line text box where placeholder is not working.i have tried it using Dear [EMAIL] code in subject line.But its not dispalying subscriber email id

In order to personalize the subject line, you need to enable the Subject Line Placeholder plugin.

You can find it here:

I have already enabled Subject Line Placeholder plugin.Still am facing same issue

@tech phplist does not support what you want to do. The plugin allows only a user attribute to be included in the subject line.

[EMAIL] is placeholder for email id.right??
So this plugin wont display email id while using the attirbute [EMAIL] in subject line.
Then for what purpose is this plugin used???

Also while using the same placeholder attribute [EMAIL] in compose message field the email id of subscriber is being displayed.Same way i want it in subject line

“user attributes” are additional fields that you can create, such as NAME or COUNTRY. The plugin allows only those to be in the subject line.
In the content of the email all placeholders can be used.

ok…so email atribute cannot be be used in subject line…right???

Is there any other method to show subscriber email address at subject line

@tech You can modify the plugin code to also replace the [EMAIL] placeholder.
Line 148 is

        $mail->Subject = parsePlaceHolders($mail->Subject,$this->user_att_values);

Change that to

         $mail->Subject = parsePlaceHolders($mail->Subject,$this->user_att_values + ['email' => $mail->getToAddresses()[0][0]]);

Copy/paste the new line, don’t try to re-type it.

thanks duncanc
But in which file should i make the above changes.Can u please share me the file name

@tech It should be made to the file within your phplist directory


I have done the changes in above file.Still email id is not being displayed at subject line using placeholder [EMAIL].Please find the screenshot attached below

@tech the change works for me


Have you enabled the plugin, or the code change was not made properly. Otherwise, sorry but I cannot help any further.

Thanks duncanc
That code worked out for me
Now email id is being displayed at subject line
Once again thanks for helping