How to access config.php and config_extend from the browser UI? - confirmation email not sending

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I am a beginner at phplist, and got an account on I have set it up and created an ajax subscribe box, which is working (the email do go into the right subscriber list). However, no confirmation email is sent.

I have seen this thread: Ajax with confirmation email and this in the manual " NOTE 5: If test=0 in your phpList config.php file, then all subscribers remain unconfirmed as no confirm mail is sent." but I don’t know how to access config.php from the browser interface.

I can’t find either the “test” or “silent_resubscribe” attributes in the browser UI, config->settings.
Tried googling, and searching the manual for config.php but couldn’t find what I needed.

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@T_Vandermosten Possibly the email has gone into a spam/junk folder instead of your inbox.

Hey Duncan, Thank you for your prompt answer, and please accept my apologies.
I jumped the gun and went in the wrong direction, it was indeed the spam folder (shame on me).

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