Ajax with confirmation email

hi all.

I posted this on [SOLVED] Ajax subscribe api, but removed because it was tagged [SOLVED].

When I use the Ajax form for subscribing, it works in the sense that it creates the new subscriber. but it does not send an email for the confirmation of the new subscriber.

Should I change some configuration? When I use the form with only the email, it sends the confirmation email.

thanks for all the other help in other threads

@lucaslago see the SILENT_RESUBSCRIBE setting in config_extended.php. You need to add that to your config.php file.

Thanks @duncanc I will have to buy you a beer someday! =D

Although I still think I own you a beer, the SILENT_RESUBSCRIBE change, changed nothing.

I am still able to add a new email via Ajax, and this address receives no email with the notification of the subscription.

@lucaslago is the new subscriber actually being added, as opposed to the ajax call being successful? Check the event log page for any errors being reported.

The new user is there, I can find him on the search.

Nothing new the event log.

@lucaslago Possibly the email is going to the spam folder. There’s no reason why it should not be sent.

Try signing-up on my phplist, the bottom field on the right hand side, the Wordpress custom html widget. You should receive a confirmation email,


Yours works properly.

Went to check your form https://www.dcameron.me.uk/lists/?p=subscribe&id=1 and it was very much like my own.

Will upload here what I am using on my ajax form as of now. If needed I can share any configuration I have.

@lucaslago What is the URL of the page where you have added the ajax form?

The phplist code has changed a bit since I first looked at ajax submission. Now the list and htmlemail form fields are not needed. phplist will add the subscriber to all the lists specified for the subscribe page and will set the subscriber to receive html format email.

I was using only the ajax form. On my machine locally.

We had to take the remote server down for a bit, will have to reinstall phplist before coming back to this.