How Send Confirmation Email To New Signups?

We gather new subscribers in 2 ways: people show up at our sales and write their emails (and any other contact info they care to leave) on signup sheets that we later import via Subscribers>Import emails>copy and paste list of emails, or they fill out a “Subscribe me” form on the site that we use to add via Subscribers>Add a new subscriber.

I’ve been marking all newly imported subscribers as confirmed, but would like to send confirmation emails so they have to acknowledge the invite and confirm themselves. I know at least as far back as v 2.10.12 there was an option to resend the request for confirmation to users who have signed up and have not confirmed their subscription but now under Reconcile subscribers that option no longer exists.

Is there a way to send a confirmation request so I can easily track any future subscribers as unconfirmed if they don’t respond? I see an older topic on an “invitation plugin” that was suggested as a workaround. Is that still the current way?

Also, I’m on Phplist v 3.2.4, Firefox v 46.0.1 and OS is Windows 7 Home Premium SP1. Thanks always.

Yes, the invite plugin is still the current way to do that… however, I personally prefer something less strict: people are busy, you don’t want to discard a usually interested subscriber because you happened to mail them on a busy day. Even really involved subscribers are unlikely to respond to every mail.

I would suggest something like adding them to your lists and sending a campaign that says like “Hi, we met you at this sales fair and you gave us your email, we would like to add you to out lists no, if you don’t want to receive mails please click here” - then make the link using the [UNSUBSCRIBEURL] rather than the usuall

I am supportive of a link based opt-in in some places, for example when someone signs up on a website and is immediately sent a confirm email (and are told they will be so they know it’s coming) - it’s a standard process and people usually complete it as they know what to do and are in that moment involved in the process.

However using that same process for someone who filled out a paper form a few days before… it’s a very good way to lose genuine subscribers. This is especially if it was at a conference or sales fair, everyone is always so busy afterwards catching up on all their work and placing orders, people just will miss your email out though busyness :smile:

Hope that helps


I like that suggestion! Thanks!

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