Delete Subscribers Associated with Particular Lists (except blacklisted subscribers)


I am using the hosted service to manage communication with my students.

I would like to be able to delete (yes, actually delete) all subscribers associated with particular lists (except, of course, blacklisted subscribers).

This is because my work is associated with a 3-4 month cycle after which point >90% of the subscribers will never receive any further campaigns, and the others will be automatically added again, anyhow. There is no data associated with these subscribers that is of any value whatsoever, so there is no reason to keep them (furthermore, keeping them will keep pushing me into higher & higher service rates even though it does not reflect my usage).

I have read through the relevant sections of the manual, but found nothing that would facilitate this kind of list-specific deletion. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

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Any ideas? This has really brought part of my workflow to a grinding halt… Any suggestions would be appreciated - I imagine something of the like must be possible, no?

FYI - I tried using copies of the lists that I have to use the “bulk remove” (I find the language confusing, as I thought the action was to “delete” a subscriber and was unsure whether “remove” meant the same); however, I receive the following message:

@RaxDam phplist doesn’t let you bulk remove people who have already been sent a campaign. You can delete them individually but that would be quite a chore.

Your best solution is to ask for phplist hosted support through your account page.

Hi, I have helped this client over ta now


I have the same problem. What can I do?

Please, help us to help you, cheers.

[quote]The information below will be super useful to those trying to help you:

The version of phpList you are using.
Your server version of PHP
The url to your installation where possible. (eg:
Which browser (and version) you are using to view your site.
Is your installation self-hosted or on (In which case, your best option is to submit a support ticket).
What exactly is the issue (screen snapshot can be helpful).
What you have done to try to fix the issue so far, including links to any documentation you have followed.

Be secure: please do not give passwords, ftp access details or email addresses out in the forums.[/quote]

thank you for the answer, dragonrider.
okay, I can send/do all this. but as far as I understand … it is not a bug. there is simply no feature in the software to delete a group of subscribers.
or am I wrong?

so …
I am using the latest version
server version of php 4 or 5 (not sure)
firefox, latest version
self hosted
issue: I want to delete ra 5.000 subscribers


@aohren You can use the Subscribers plugin to bulk delete. It does not have the same restrictions as core phplist.

thank you. it does not work, seems like I don’t have php 5.04 running.

@aohren You might be able to use version 2.5.0 of the plugin but you will need to download the zip file and follow the instructions to install manually

Hello Duncan,
so is there another solution for php 5.38 users?

@aohren What do you mean? I have already told you to try version 2.5.0 of the plugin.

Better is to upgrade the version of php that you are using.

okay, sorry … for some reason I did not see that. I’ll try version 2.5

it seems to work but … I just tried to delete the subscribers of a list and I got the error message error_match_not_entered

@aohren please see the documentation on how to use the plugin

I did. but there is no option to delete 6.000 subscribers at once. I can delete one adress after the other. but I could do this in the core version too.

@aohren On the Subscriber commands page you can select the delete action, and upload a file of email addresses.

okay, I just did that with a .txt file. and it looked like working fine. but then all the subscribers are still there :-/

You can use the Subscribers plugin to bulk delete. It does not have the same restrictions as core phplist.

@duncanc I find this VERY useful to find (validate) duplicates and then delete them after import - thanks very much.

My question, tho i guess I could test this for myself, answering here may save others some time :wink:
does the delete function remove all history etc of a subscriber, and does this include a complete removal of blacklisted subscribers (so that they can re-subscribe / be added again later if need be)