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Config.php Vs config_extended.php files


What is the difference between the two files and which does phpList use?

Firstly, phpList only uses config.php so if you change any settings, please do so in this file.

Why is there an “extended” file then?

config_extended.php is there as that has pretty much every setting you can change stored within it.

Ok, so how do I use it then?

If you wish to use the full configuration file, then rename config.php to config.old.php and then rename config_extended.php to config.php and use this file to make your changes.

Why have two files then?

Simple, config.php is there as basically “a quick start” file, this contains the minimum settings you need to set phpList up and if a setting is not set, phpList uses a predefined value that “fits most”.

If your setup needs more tweaking, or you have specialised needs, then either (a) use the extended file, renaming as described above, or (b) copy and paste the relevant settings into the smaller config.php file

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The config_basic.php and config_extended.php give you two examples of the features you can use in your config.php file. Choose the style that will provide you the tools you need and copy it to config.php (but make sure you have all the settings you changed copied or backed up). Now, add in all the necessary options and phpList will now use your new config.php when it next runs. Yes, you can make changes to config.php and save them and they will appear next to you log into or run phpList. The extended config includes options for debugging and using external SMTP sources.

Hope that cleared it up … Doug