Cant sending any emails / module missing?


I guess another module is missing on my new server.

Last time I was asking here, why I can not login (the form was missing)
and it was because of not installed mbstring module (answered here)

So thanks for help but could it be another module is missing now?
I think the new godaddy managed server are like crap in this case.
Not even MYSQLi was installed and many other modules.

So why can I not send any emails. Have you an idea?
I simple click on sending and the icon moves quickly,
then stops after 3 seconds and mean it had send all,
but in deed there was not send a single mail.

Hope somebody could help me.
My Newsletter waits for his readers. :smiley:

If you enable VERBOSE in your config file then there should be more information in the event log about what phplist is actually doing.

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