Hidden Login Form after Server change


I got a new server and transfered all data to it with ftp inclusiv the php list script.
I changed nothing on the data structur. It is a copy 1 on 1.

Then I uploaded the already used database tables in the new database of my new server with the same password and the same database name and user.

After that was done and the domain was point to my new server ip I wanted to login into the mailscript but I can not see the login form It is simple not there!

I see the header and the logo but nothing else. Only the help button is there but the login form is hidden.

So would could I do here?

Best Regards

Might be a good idea to check permissions.

Also, check your files for “login.php”.


Thank you for your answer,

What permissions do I need for what?
Where can I find the permissions?
Is there a link to documentation?

What should be wrong with the login.php?
Have you any specific idea? It is there.


I have still this issue…
Could somebody please help me?

Config.php is 777

What do I need else?

An answer from the support here would be fantastic!

I still not see the login form…

The output of the file login.php stops here: < ! - - content start here - - >

One possible cause is php not including the mbstring extension.
Check with your hosting company whether mbstring has been included.