Blank, white screen on subscribe site

After the upgrade to v3.4 I only have a blank, white page on and I don’t know why. Any idea?

Somehow you’ve got a class set to invisible on your body tag in the page.

Once you remove that, the page should re-appear.

Okay, thanks. And where I have to change it?
I have the same issue on another installation.

Ok, I found it. It was in the config of the subscribe options. Thank you.

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I have the same problem but I don’t see how to solve it.
In fact, in the HTML code of the web page I see <body class="fixed invisible> (
Note that I have just installed PHPlist (Cpanel), I have no experience with this software.
Thank you.

@FrancisL Your page is missing the footer section. Have you been making changes to the default settings?

That’s right! For my compaigns, I don’t need the footer, I intend to import the content of the message with a bilingual footer: I have at some point deleted a default footer … but not the good one!
I restored it (the one in my Subscribe page), it works now!
Thank you Duncan!