Autoresponders not send messages by shedule

What I do:

  1. Create the mailing list test
  2. Create 3 new campaigns: Letter1, Letter2, Letter3
  3. Create 3 autoresponders: ar1 (associate with test, Letter1, delay 5 min), ar2 (associate with test, Letter2, delay 10 min), ar3 (associate with test, Letter3, delay 15 min)
  4. Create subscribe page for test
  5. New subscriber
  6. Confirmation mail-OK
  7. Confirm - OK
  8. Welcome mail - OK
    …and nothing else

    Where is the problem?
    added: after 2 hours from creating autoresponders
    You have 3 message(s) waiting to be sent
    Process the queue View the queue
    Why this messages weren’t send automatically?

@AlexT You need to process autoresponders to actually submit the campaign, then you need to process the queue. Those tasks are not done automatically. This is explained in the documentation

Thanks for answer, duncanc! English is not my native language. I need some time for understanding technical details of documentation. :frowning:
The three questions.
is it possible, after one time subscribing receive the series of pre-arranged letters? Each letter with a certain delay.
As I understood for this need to configure CRON?
Or sending series of letters with intervals is not impossible for one subscription?

@AlexT Yes it is possible to have a series of autoresponders, each sending a different campaign after a certain period from subscription. But it is not really practical to try to do that with short time periods because of the frequency of running process queue. In your example you would probably need to have the cron job run every few minutes.

Also, the period is from when the person subscribed, not confirmed the subscription, so you might be sending the autoresponder campaign before he has confirmed.

You need to use a cron job to run process queue so that the email sending is automated.

@AlexT @clotilde I have released a new version of the plugin that removes the need to run the Process Autoresponders command, either as a cron job or through the admin page. See

You still do need to run the phplist process queue command periodically though.

When viewing an autoresponder the plugin now displays how many subscribers are ready to receive the campaign.

You can upgrade the plugin to the new version on the Manage Plugins page.

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Thanks a lot Duncan!

This is only partially related, but I can’t find the place in the documentation where it explains how to upgrade a plugin.

My permissions are set so that I have to install plugins manually.

Should I disable the plugin, push the new files to the plugin folder to replace the old ones, then activate again?

Thanks in advance – I apologize if the instructions are staring me in the face, I searched and couldn’t find a reference.

All the best,

The GitHub page explains how to install the plugin manually,, but you should get the permissions problem fixed.
The web server process needs write access to only a few directories, uploaded images, the plugins directory, the attachments directory, and a temp directory.

thanks for support i have a problem with autoresponder plugin, it dont show the draft message to send and dont filter by list it’s show only the All .
how can i resolve this problem ?