Autoresponder plugin draft messages

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You need to ensure that you have selected at least one list for the draft message. The plugin uses the time that the subscriber joined that list, so you cannot create an autoresponder for a message that does not have a list.

The filter is for the lists of the autoresponders that you have already created, so will display only All until you have created one.

thanks to you it’s work, the messages appear in the list of draft messenge to send but now they don’t be send at the scheduling time.
how can i resolve this problem ?

Please read and follow the guidance on how to use the plugin, particularly how to process autoresonders and the need to process the queue -

ok thanks for your help.

my problem i can’t process the queue, how can i install the commande where ?
php /home/me/www/lists/admin/index.php -m Autoresponder -p process -c /home/me/www/lists/config/config.php

it’s complicate for me how can i process the queue ?


@phpuser Have you got phplist working sending campaigns without using autoresponders?
If you are processing the queue in the browser then that will continue to work for autoresponders, but using a cron job is recommended for reliability.
Your hosting control panel should have a way to setup cron jobs.

yes my phplist work well and send compaigns without using autoresponder,
but the problme is the schedual messages(1/ 5min, 2/ after 1day, 3/ after 3day, …) with autoresponder does not send with the command that i insert in hosting cpanel, it seems some think wrong in command or script configuration does not exist in config.php to call ?

@phpuser You will need to show the command that you are using in the cron job, otherwise I would just be guessing.


this is the commande that i use :


its not work on ovh webhosting, the cpanel cron job don’t accept space in the commad .


@phpuser You do not need to run the autoresponder in a cron job now. That is explained in the guidance to which I referred you -

But you do need to run process queue regularly. If your hosting company has restrictions on cron jobs then you will need to raise the problem with them.

ok thank you