Zen Cart - integration?

We want to have a simple way to add new users to our list.

We are setting up a Zen Cart shopping cart.

I have not found anything on either site(PHPLIst or zxen Cart) that allows me to add nw subscribers to my PHPList from my Zen Cart website.

Does any one know of any plug in or module that can help?

A simple way I was thinking was to add a link on my zen cart site and have it open up to a new window with the phplist subscribe page.

Preferably, I’d like the person to be able to add their name and email (maybe a couple of attributes) right on the zen cart page.

In order to do this, my zen cart designer talked about API. What do I need in order to allow zen cart to add a subscriber to the newsletter list?



I am following up on my request to see what is needed to create a zen cart plug in for PHPLIst.

Can any one shed some light on what is needed, and how to do it in order to add a subscriber to PHPList?



@smokinjo You can look at the API that is now included with phplist see https://github.com/phpList/RestAPIclientSimpleExample for an example of how to use that
and the old unsupported REST plugin https://resources.phplist.com/plugin/restapi

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