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Your phpList version is older than two years. Please upgrade phpList before continuing. Visit the support site if you need some help


Hello everything i read here, but still have this problem. I cant login to the dashboard! Because always this sentence came.
I copy the new phplist via FTP and rename the old list folder into lists_old…but still get this sententences…
I thing it is in the database not in the index.php, there i delete it.
But what else can i do.
We cant write since week no newsletters anymore.


Have you followed the instructions in this post?


You can disable the message and the corresponding check by deleting these lines from your admin/index.php file. Note that the code, not the line numbers, should be checked, because the line numbers are different in different versions of phpList:

    if (defined('RELEASEDATE') && ((time() - RELEASEDATE) / 31536000) > 2) {
    Fatal_Error(s('Your phpList version is older than two years. Please %supgrade phpList</a> before continuing.</br>
        Visit <a href="" title="'.s('Get some help').'">the support site</a> if you need some help.'
        ,'<a href="'.VERSION.'&amp;utm_medium=outdated-download-forced&amp;utm_campaign=phpList" title="'.s('Download the latest version').'" target="_blank">'));



yes i disable it, but still get the notice, this is very strange. Is there maybe also in the database this notice? I tried several times.


No this notice can come only from the code that @dragonrider referenced. It looks like either you edited the wrong copy of phpList, or the wrong file, or perhaps the file is cached by your Webserver somehow.