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xHTML vs HTML5 Doctype?

Hi, front page(s) seem still using an outdated xHTML doctype even if HTML5 is a Bootstrap’s requirement!

Seen it in phpList UI bootlist’s publicpagetop.php file
May be there is a “good” reason :wink: isn’t ?

Still not planet to update to HTML 5 for now, then use CSS instead these “big”, “center” elements, remove type attributes in script element, etc ?

@jessethomas Changing the doctype for the public pages is trivial, you might want to investigate how to make and submit changes to phplist.

Does having the “wrong” doctype cause any problems with the pages being displayed?

You 're right @duncanc it seems realy not so easy to update all related code to this new standard

In fact I don’t know at this time if there are some related issues :wink: may be none

but I would like use 2 or 3 bootstrap’s components then tried to follow their “rules” from starting point…