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Hi all,

I’m trying to figure out why I’ve got too many failed messages without any luck.
Under mail.log there isn’t anything related with failures.
The processqueue is running endless…on a list with 20k subscribers it shows like 5-6k failed messages and a total of 130k emails sent in stats.

I’m running 3.6 version with PHP 7.3 if that matters.

It used to run without problem for a long time.

Any idea how to troubleshoot that?
Verbose is set to 1 and this is an example output:

phpList - Script stage: 5 [0.0006300000] (22703)
phpList - 200 messages sent in 100.44 seconds (7168 msgs/hr) [0.0003220000] (22706)
phpList - 120 failed (will retry later) [0.0003600000] (22708)
phpList - 1 Campaign
phpList - 0 num_users_for_message
phpList - 320 batch_count
phpList - 200 batch_total
phpList - 120 sendemail returned false total
phpList - 0 send blocked by domain throttle
phpList - 0 add attachment error
phpList - 0 sendemail returned false
phpList - 0 sentastest
phpList - 0 invalid
phpList - 120 failed_sent
phpList - 200 Sent
phpList - 200 num_per_batch
phpList - 1 Status
phpList - 200 sent_users_for_message 2300
phpList - 19035 total_users_for_message 2300
phpList - 0 max_users_for_message 2300
phpList - 320 processed_users_for_message 2300
phpList - 120 failed_sent_for_message 2300
phpList - Finished this run [0.0081580000] (22785)

How can I say to phplist not to retry later the failed messages?

An update to this. I figure out that some providers due to volume they stop accepting temporary any emails from my IP.

Is there a work around on this? For example, is it possible somehow to tell phplist to stop retrying sending those messages?

@mrdebian You need to reduce the rate at which phplist sends emails using MAILQUEUE_THROTTLE.

You can also try using USE_DOMAIN_THROTTLE but that can really slow down the rate of sending unpredictably.

You might be sending too quickly for the local mail server. Ensure that phplist is configured to send within any local limit.

@duncanc this is a dedicated VM with plenty of resources; the load is nearly 0 when sending emails.
It is a large mailing list however, around 24k.
The majority of emails fail because of rate limit from other ISPs not from my installation.

I’ve got:

define(‘MAILQUEUE_BATCH_SIZE’, 600);
define(‘MAILQUEUE_THROTTLE’, 0.5);