Why is the category not showing on this topic?

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Hey @rata any ideas what the issue is here? The category is chosen (indeed mandatory for there to be one) but it is not showing either at the top of the thread or in the list of threads.

I moved 2 posts to a new topic: Is there a category showing now?

Why only my posts? The thread: Is there a category showing now? doesn’t make sense. Or am I missing something?

No no, was just testing. That post with no category showing was made by moving some posts. All seem to be working now, guess it was the update causing issues again?

You can use test to test :wink:

No, the update was done before that. It seems like a bug to me

I don’t like test sites

So can I stop the server and save a few bucks?

It’s not my policy only, there is marie and m and you to think about, and I am fairly sure M would say no.