Why is my email link "[email protected]" and non-functional?

hello, I’ve just installed the latest PHPLIST version,
and I’m sending out a test broadcast. My audience needs to have an email address (mailto: link) to click on, but the HTML broadcast is rendered like this:

[email protected]

and it is not clickable.

How can I stop this from happening so that emails appear as they should?



Do you mean literally “email protected”? If so, then that is not done by phplist so you will have to look at your email client or mail server.

thanks for the reply. I’ve run a couple of tests.
It only happens when I send a web-page. the web page is on a server I manage. the ad page simply has the emails coded with the usual anchor and “mailto” codes. no css or anything. It does not happen when I manually “code” the email campaign in PHPLIST.

the result when I get the web-page / html email in the mail, is the what should look like a blue hyperlink with myemail@mydomain.com … now looks like this:

[email protected] (actual text, hyperlinked to http://mydomain.com/lists/lt.php?id=Kx0FNYlQSlc)

OK… i finally got it. convoluted. nothing is simple in “computer-land”. The site where I had the campaign’s web-page hosted uses something called “cloudflare” (apparently to prevent spam harvesters from getting emails). I guess in some bizarre way it had interjected some kind of obscuring code-veil on top of the link which generated this “email protected” gibberish.

ah well … we live and learn.