Why email is send to Spam Folder?

Dear Sir,
I am already phplist in website. And it is successfully install.

But when I send email campaign then the email will send “Spam” Folder.

Why this is happens?? And how I send all to the recipient inbox??


Please check out this topic on the old forums, it explains how to avoid having your email classed as spam. It shows you how to set both DKIM and SPF to reduce the chances of being classed as spam.

Obviously, you also need to ensure that you are not sending actual spam… :smile:

Hi, At this time, I am not available. I will nocking you in future.
Regards, Monir

please, are you help me??
Are you gives me a complete config.php file??


I already follow your instruction but now also it is spam.

Please help me…

You should have that in your original downloaded archive? What version of phpList are you using, you haven’t given such details.

Sure. I do this. please help me.

I use “phplist-3.2.4” version…

And the version of PHP your server is using?

I use “PHP Version 5.4.42”.
Sir, Are you personally help me for this?
Sir, Am i send my cpanel details to you by message??



Old forum’s website is giving an error.
So I can’t read the topic. Could you give me another article about this subject?
Best regards.

Here’s an article on my own website, it is still accurate so far as I know.

Note that SPF is apparently being depreciated, so the important issue is to resolve the DKIM settings now.

Hope this helps.