Who can I create a plugin? to send via PMTA

I like PhpList, but lacks the essentials to work.

I have multiple SMTP server, right through PowerMTA. And PhpList not work

Who can make me a plugin to work with PowerMTA?

Hi Lester,

I thought you could use an smtp connection to PMTA… that’s what the guys at Port25 told me.


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ok, I will review PMTA Guide User. If I find the solution publishes forum

Hello @danwaterloo

There is no solution between PhpList and PMTA

The only solution is in the DNS, creating a round robin DNS (configuring round robin DNS Load Balancing)

For example: http://help.dnsmadeeasy.com/getting-started/round-robin/

1- Each server can be used without specific users (that’s a problem PMTA)

after all, create a plugin to satisfy this big problem :cry: