Which minimal version of PHP need PHPList V3.6.12?

On a local developpement with Laragon (PHP 7.4), the V3.6.12 of PhpList is working.
But, when a try the same procedure for update in production environnement (Save DB, save config.php, dowload ans past “Lists” directory instead of the old directory, put the old config.php…), i’ve got a error 500. The PHP in the production environnement is PHP 7.0.33. I read that PhPlist 3.6.12 work with PHP 7, is that true ? Thanks for your answers.

Ok !
Answer on https://resources.phplist.com/system/start

My problem was in .htaccess file in Lists and in Admin folders. I have to comment all the line of those files. 3.6.12 work on PHP 7.0.33