Where to find list of plugins?

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Where can I find a list of available plugins? It used to be posted at and that page is now empty.

@fischer There is a link on the Manage Plugins page.

Yes, but that list is blank. This is all that it says.

Plugins for phpList 3

Below are published plugins for phpList 3 from a variety of authors, including community members and phpList Ltd. You can add your own phpList plugin here by posting links on the phpList Forum.

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You are correct! Wonder when that happened, it looks like the link is incorrect now,

I’ll report it to @Suela in the hopes that she can repair the faulty link.

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@fischer @Dragonrider @Suela I think that page is generated dynamically from all the individual plugin pages. Those appear to still exist e.g.
so there may be something wrong with that generation process.

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Hi everyone, the problem should be fixed now, thanks to @mariana :slight_smile: