Where is the email queue stored?


I am trying to figure out how phplist keeps track of the queue.
When a campaign is started, how does the program keep track of the mails it already sent and which mails it still needs to send?
I couldn’t find a database table containing a list of emails for the currently active campaign. Is this stored somewhere? Or does it track this differently, if so: how?
What happens to a mail that is added to a list, while the script is already processing the queue, will it receive the current campaign or not?

@storkbar There isn’t a “queue”.

The listuser and listmessage tables identify the subscribers who should be sent the campaign, and the usermessage table shows those who have already been sent, a status column value of sent

If you add a subscriber while a campaign is being sent and are using batch processing then the subscriber will be sent the campaign because phplist re-evaluates the subscribers for each batch.

If you are sending continuously without batches then it probably won’t be sent the campaign, but you can simply requeue the campaign when it has finished.

Thanks duncanc, all clear.