When using email forward feature, I get a message saying "Maximum amount of forwards reached"

I have searched high and low for the answer to this but keep coming up empty.

I forwarded one email to someone whose address had previously been blacklisted and I had unblacklisted them. I then attempted to send 4 other emails to them that they had not received and on the second message got this error message saying “Maximum amount of forwards reached”. Does this mean you can only forward one message to a user? Is there a time limit of how many forwarded messages you can send in certain amount of time? Is there a setting somewhere to change this behavior? (I couldn’t find anything in the config file for this).

Any help is much appreciated. i just got all my users trained to not forward using email client forward button, but if they are limited to one email to forward per email address that is going to cause issues. Thanks

@shuff19 See the documentation on all config file settings https://resources.phplist.com/system/config/all