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What your max sending speed rate?


Hello guys,
I have a problem with phplist 3, I wanna ask you what is your max send speed rate you can have ?
thanks for your answers !


This will depend on the limits imposed by your host.

Once you know these, you can set the Batch settings in your config file.


Hello Dragonrider and thank you for your answer.
Actually I have a strong server 16Go RAM, 4 Core but cant send more than 3000msg/hr…
I asking people for understand cause I set my conf for sending as fast as possible with no batch size + cron + no throlling but the limit I see is 3600/hr FOR ONE instalation…
Actually I install 8 phplist on 8 subdomains with each one her own database for win a bit sending rate and i can’t send more 10/8000msg/hr…
I have a script rotating sending for each on of my 32 smtp/ip…
Amazing can’t push it more…


You should check the load on your database and the kind of engine being used. Sometimes table-based locking can slow down query execution. Default configuration of MySQL is not designed for high performance production use, and must be changed to use more memory and cores. Also your MTA needs careful tweaking and management to achieve high speeds. On we send at up to 50-60,000 messages per hour, per IP. The composition of your lists is also an important factor at that level. Hope this helps!


Thx for your reply, do you have some advice for optimize mysql ?
I optimize it with what I find on the web but nothink works…


The optimisations used are generic to other applications as well; it’s best to consult with the official documentation for that.