What URL does an external CRON service use

The external CRON service I use requires a URL to run to process BOUNCES. Where can I find that URL in the phpList world of documentation. Using latest version of phpList!


WIth 3.0.12, I don’t believe you can use a ‘straight’ url.
To use an external cron service, you’ll need to have it log in, create and save a sessionid and cookie, and then use that to run the processbounces page. So it’s more than just one url… it’s several in a row.

Wow… really? Never ran into anything like this with other mailing lists… makes no sense to me…

Thank you for the response!


@sunriseal I think that you can use the same approach as for remote queue processing described here https://resources.phplist.com/system/remote_processing
So a URL similar to http(s)://yoursite.com/lists/admin/?page=processbounces&secret=XXXX

There are also a few topics in this forum regarding remote processing.

@duncanc I read the remote process link and tried the URL (substituting my info) and it worked fine from the browser. However, after running it leaves the browser open… of course I would close it, but wonder if it would close upon completion if I used the CRON service.

Will have to give that a try and see what happens, unless you have a clue? :smiley:

@duncanc Well, I added it to the remote CRON service and it runs just fine and the open browser is not an issue…

Once again thank you for your assistance… greatly appreciated!


Thanks @duncanc for the clarification. I didn’t know that the processbounces feature was added when using the secret.


Have already resolved this issue but appreciate the response albeit not really what I was referring to… I was referring to processing BOUNCES